DanceMeditation Laxmi has explored noble combined form of dance and medition''DanceMeditation'' on the solid base of her knowledge gained by learning, teaching, researching, self studying and sharing different forms of dance and meditation techniques for several years with the blessings and guidance of her gurus from India and Nepal.

Dance is a developed and improvised form of sign language which can be understood by anybody from anywhere in this world. Meditation has been practiced throughout the world in varied styles from (over) centuries.This united form of Dance and Meditation is a positive, healthy and amusing practice for awareness and well being. It is boundary less; any age/gender from any corner of this world and from any culture or religion can practice it. Once you know the techniques it can be practiced with/in a group or alone. In Dance Meditation one can practice and experience ancient classical dances (Indian/Nepali classical dances which dates back several centuries. Both of them have been practiced not only as a dance form but as a significant tool of meditation), meditation, mindfulness, yoga, five elements, free dance and visualization. Here, one can dance and be in meditation in order to balance five elements (Fire, Air, Ether, Earth and Water) in and out of mind and body along with Universal energy and own energy.

Dance Meditation starts with proper breathing techniques that help to be more focused and concentrated; which leads to the awareness of mind and body. Awareness accelerates flexibility, balance and motivation. A person can explore self, which is a key to meaningful personal development. DanceMeditation can be a healing therapy which calms the emotions and restores mental balance. Furthermore, it works as a strong and stable frame for mind (resulting clear thinking and prompt and proper decision making).

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